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Barebones MC Enterprises views  Canada...Timeout Trailers are certified for use in Canada and the inspection fee normally required for US Manufactured trailers is not needed, saving you time and money.


Timeout Camper Shown with add a room option

The smallest camper going down the road and the biggest camper when set up!





Our Timeout Campers and Cyclemate Cargo trailers are ideal for small cars such as the Honda Fit,Toyota Scion,Geo Tracker to name a few, Negligible difference in gas mileage, which is another great reason to order yours today from Barebones MC Enterprises.


 Call For Pricing: I Will beat anyone's advertized price, Ask my customers.

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    Quick Story: 

Funny thing is, I use to think when touring on my Motorcycle, sleeping on the ground with just a sleeping bag was fine and simple, no frills just throw it down somewhere and go to sleep.

Then one day a friend of mine had this thing called a ground pad about a 1/2 inch thick foam pad, I tried it and wow that sure seemed a lot more comfortable, a few years roll by and I'm pulling a cargo trailer behind my motorcycle and now were packing a nice size tent and an air mattress.

Then one day I see this couple with a timeout camper behind there Motorcycle so I go over to chat with them and he explains why in his humble opinion this is the best way to go if your into long distance touring and camping,or just a weekend camping trip, the main thing is that it's easy to setup over the tent option, you sleep up off of the ground and it's much easier to get dressed  from a bed that has the height of a bed. No more trying to wipe off a wet and dirty tent because its on the ground and everything got muddy, I use a (sham wow) and if it rains I wipe the tent off while its up (remember that timeout campers are completely off the ground) a few minutes later I'm heading down the road. Now, I know many of you will say oh that's fine but I can't afford a tent camper now money is tight, and I fully agree, But lets see what a trip of 2 weeks will cost (using average costs) for 2 people.


          For 2 people.

  (1) about $70.00 a night for a decent motel X 14 = $980.00

  (2) About $30.00 for breakfast X 14 =$420.00

   (3) About  $30.00 for lunch X 14 = $420.00

  (4) About $40.00 for supper X 14 = $560.00

Now, I know that there are some who will say I can eat cheaper or find cheaper lodging...the point is, this is just for reference to give you an idea its not an exact science.

     Your total under this example would be $2,380.00 for a two week Vacation

And if you did that two years in a row you would have some great memories and a lot of receipts, on the other hand if you bought a Timeout Camper from Barebones MC Enterprises you would still have the good memories and it would have paid for itself in those two years plus, no more worries about reservations and vacancy's,not to mention the many weekend trips you could have gone on besides.

No more depending on someone else, hoping the room is clean, hoping the folks with there 3 kids in the next room don't stay up all night making noise, or hauling luggage up three flights of stairs. Think about this,

how many times have you been disappointed?

how about those free breakfast? Cereal, toast, donuts, coffee, you know the drill.

I think you could whip up a better breakfast in your own camper with a Coleman stove and some food from the cooler, and you can carry your lunch for the day in that cooler and before you stop for the night you reload the cooler with whatever you're going to have for supper, saving money and still doing the things you enjoy.





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Barebones MC Enterprises


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 Timeout options,features and specs



  • Construction is steel frame with aluminum side panels

  • Available colors are white and black

  • Quick set-up in about 3 minutes

  • Bed with air mattress, bed dimensions are 54 inches wide x 6.5 ft. long

  • 16 cubic feet storage capacity under the bed

  • Enough room to stand while dressing

  • Available in either white or black

  • Comes with a wiring harness

  • 1 7/8 inch ball coupler on tongue

  • Weight is 275 lbs.

  • Trailer wheel rim diameter is 8 inches

  • Total length is 104 inches

  • Box length is 65 inches

  • Towing height is 31 inches

  • Width is 43 inches

  • Cargo volume is 16 cubic feet

  • Maximum cargo weight capacity is 450 lbs.
  • Tongue weight is 20 lbs.
  • Timeout Camper showing cargo area                                   Timeout Camper Add a Room.                                interior view





  •                                                                          Cargo lineup


     Barebones MC Enterprises offers the complete line of Cycle mate Cargo Trailers, weather your looking for the streamlined Dart, or the XL HD for the Harley riders, you'll find them all right here at Barebones MC Enterprises,  real deals, fast shipping and a Dependable company that has been in the business longer than anyone else, and  all American made.



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    this is the CM 2000 camper

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    A perfect fit for your Motorcycle or Small car



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