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When all is said and done, isnt going camping one of the most fun things you can do, weather its by car, or motorcycle, there is no denying that the day before you leave you feel the anticipation and excitment ......Just stop and try to recall what your first camping trip was like.

       I think the magic of camping is the unknown, the challenges that you have to meet and adjusting to outdoor living opposed to indoor living, the wonder of a world that is all natural and back to basics, the glow of that campfire and how everyone would gather around it as if drawn like a moth to a flame, it offered peace and contentment, safety and warmth.....and yet it was so basic...Fire.

       And sleeping in a tent was for most of us our first experience but at night when the sun slipped in behind the mountain and out of view, the comfort that we sought from the nights chill was there waiting in that tent, and the ceasless chatter and laughter that would go on till some one would say "OK thats enough for tonight".

       In todays world with its fast pace, some of us  have lost the desire to camp.....things like I am too busy, I cant afford to, or with todays cars being quite small there is no room to take all that one needs to camp and be comfortable, my feelings  are first if your too busy, that means to me that its time you took time out for yourself, and if you think you cant afford too, in most cases its cheaper camping than staying home, and third if the car is too small for all your gear, Look into buying a small pull behind Cargo trailer, or even better a small Camping trailer with bed and chairs, Ice cooler you would be surprised the room they afford you.....and speaking of afford the prices are not what you may imagine them to be, so if you check out what I have to offer and see something that you have  some interest in just give me a call, no high pressure talk from me, my life dont depend on weather I sell a trailer or not....check out my testamonial page from past customers who are now also friends.

       But most importany above all else weather you by from me or someone else.................get out and go camping recapture those feelings you had from a time that holds those memories.

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What If

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       So you got  a motorcycle and youv'e done the Rallys, bar hopping , and poker runs......sure that was fun but isn't it time you thought about a vacation on your Motorcycle just you and your  significant other, but whats this?

       She don't like camping in a tent, on the ground, too cold, damp, and uncomfortable?  Well my friend if she isn't happy she isn't going to be riding with you, and there goes your wonderful vacation that you spent so much time in planning, all the places you were going to show her, all the memories the two of you were going to make, Poof! Gone but wait..........

       why not take care of her needs buy a Timeout camper to pull behind you, then she will be Warm and dry, off the ground, no bugs and sleeping in a comfortable bed, and if it rains who cares your inside looking out, and thinking about the next days adventures.

Take a timeout,and go Camping

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Thinking about motorcycle Camping?

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People who travel by riding motorcycle are of special kind. These people prefer riding to feel the

breeze rather than watch everything from the car window. Many people who use motorcycle

camping trailer get significant amount of space for storage. Using motorcycles for travel is one of

the lighter ways of traveling. You haven't seen long list of possibilities for a motorcycle rider if you

are dragging traditional tents or even your camping gear on you bike.

There are trailers which can be taken by a motorcyclist during camping. These motorcycle

camping trailers give so much of convenience for bikers and also motorcyclist doesn't have to

loose their freedom.

Camping trailer for motorcycle riders is like a tent which is in a box. When the box is open the tent

pops up from the box. This box unfolds into a room, which gives enough space for two people to

sleep in it comfortably. There are different styles of motorcycle camping trailers available, like

some motorcycle camping trailers also have inflatable mattresses.

Some motorcycle trailers can have additional pieces attached which would provide more space.

These parts are like tables or even porch type areas which are screened. The best feature of

motorcycle camping trailer is that the sleeping space and also the living space can be kept quite

clean and also dry by keeping it above the ground.

The motorcycle camping trailer can be customized with certain features after you place the order

to purchase it. If you want comforts of an air conditioner which is portable,the motorcycle camping

trailer can be made then accordingly with one vent that would let fresh and cool air in. You can

also add even a cooler package, which in some models of motorcycle camping trailers actually

sits behind the hitch.

This way your food and also your beverages can be kept cool and fresh which will also prevent

them from getting spoiled and this is also easy to access. Awnings are also available as an

additional feature of the gear in case you want some shade while camping, this will also provide

extra cool space while camping.

Many motorcycle camping trailers have got the both internal spaces for storage and as well as a

luggage rack to hold additional gear that may be needed. Other features like style, color, and also

rims on your trailer which fits perfectly with the other parts of the motorcycle.

The weight of camping trailer is an essential consideration. You should evaluate the condition of

your bike and what it can tow safely. You should also calculate the weight of the rider, and the

weight of the camping trailer that you will be taking along. Keep in mind that the gas consumption

will depend on the weight of the camping gear you carry, and you should also calculate the cost of

the trip accordingly.

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Who Needs a Camper ?

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Thinking about motorcycle Camping?

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People who travel by riding motorcycles are of special kind. Using motorcycles for travelling is one

of the light ways for travelling. In fact, motorcycle camping is one of the best ways in which anyone

can have a good camping experience. However this exciting camping trip could turn into your

worst nightmare, if you don't have a proper motorcycle camping trailer. The motorcycle camping

trailers are very easy and convenient to use, and the motor cyclist doesn't have to loose his

freedom as well.

A Camping trailer for motorcyclists is like a tent which is in a box. When the box is open, the tent

pops up from the box. The box unfolds into a room, which provides enough space for two people

to sleep comfortably. There are different kinds of motorcycle trailers and some of them have

inflatable mattress as well. Some of them even have additional pieces attaches that provide more

space and comfort. The best part of motorcycle trailer is that the sleeping space as well as the

living space can be kept quite clean and dry by keeping above the ground.

Here are some tips for buying the perfect camping trailer for your trip.

1.Chose a camping trailer that suites your personality, preference and style, so that you don't end

up grudging and regretting later. Obviously, you would want to get along with your trailer, so its'

best to choose something that you like and desire.

2.Choose a trailer that suites every terrain or grounds, so that it can be brought along every time

you choose to go out camping. Opt for a camping trailer that is light weight and of exceptionally

good quality. Your trailer must weigh just about enough, because the lesser it weighs, the less

luggage it can pull. Don't opt for something that weighs over 300 pounds, because this will give

you a heavy feel.

3.Choose something that is wider than the touring bike. This kind of trailer will provide you with a

better maneuvering ability and good riding conditions. Choose a motorcycle trailer with proper

front specifications and height to avoid an "all enveloping exhaust gas-bubble", as it causes


4.The camping trailer must have all the bearings and tires that should be kept readily available in

case of emergencies or whenever you have to replace it. Opt for a trailer that has adequate

amount of space and can be used for all kinds of camping expeditions.

So, use the above ideas and choose the best camping trailer so that you can have a good and

enjoyable camping trip.


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I guess it all boils down to  we are not politically correct, we are old style Bikers that love our country and  touring through the many beautiful places there are to see.

     Now there is a lot of ways to do this, but the cheapest way to do it especially during these economic times is on a Motorcycle, with a Timeout camper.

    You know you'll have the time of your life, with out spending a lifetime paying  for it.

 Motorcycle Touring is in our blood and that is why we decided to make Buying a Timeout camper or Cyclemate cargo trailer as affordable as we could, not to make a full time living from it, but to make it possible for those of you who don't own $60,000 bikes and 6 figure incomes to have a place where you could buy your Timeout camper or Cyclemate cargo trailer and be able to enjoy your vacation without selling the house to pay for it, after all isn't that the old style Biker way ?.

     Now just think about it you got a bike and you've done the poker runs, the bike rallies and the bar hopping, and I'm sure you had fun but can you just once let your imagination go let yourself dream, just  picture yourself in any one of the places you've ever read about or talked about, it is within your grasp.

       If you have a Motorcycle you have almost everything needed to make those long distance  touring dreams come true...but there is one ingredient still missing and it is the most important.....That burning desire to do the one thing that you always thought in the back of your head you would love to do.

   Now weather you choose to buy from us or another company is a matter of choice.....But I will guarantee you,  you will never regret one day of motorcycle touring, being out on the open road and exploring this great country.

      life is a very precious and fragile thing one day were babies the next day we look in the mirror and can't believe the old man that is looking back at us......"Life is so brief-and time is a thief " don't let time steal your dream.

      "For those who dare to dream".