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Frome there to Here

Posted on July 9, 2013 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

How To Get Here From There (part 2)

But she not only didn't complain, she had such a positive attitude that kept my spirits up when I started to think that this was too much to ask of anyone, let alone a 19 year old girl.
We made about 400 miles a day, now any of you who know what a 305 Honda Dream is you know they are not very powerful,and then add another person and two hard bags packed full, a windshield, and you have a bike just a bit we would draft The big trucks on the Interstate so we could cut wind resistance and keep up a better speed, saved on gas also.....Problem was we had to stop at every rest area to go inside to warm up, we would use the electric hand warmers to thaw out our hands and we would run back and forth inside to get circulation going again, once we were reasonably warm we would hop on the bike and off we would go praying the next rest area was not too far away....we did that most of the way to Sturgis. S.Dakota. I need to mention in one instance where we had pulled off up a side ramp just so we could try to get some heat from the mufflers, we rode right up to the stop sign at the end of the ramp, I stopped the bike and we fell over, my legs were so numb I could not even hold the bike up, we laughed till we had tears in our eyes, it was actually that funny to see two people out on a bike all bundled up like a couple of refugees, well we managed to get up and we proceeded to start running back and forth across the exit, when all of a sudden here comes a big truck, well he slows down real slow and he is looking out the window of his nice warm truck and he is scratching his head with a look of amazement on his face, again we couldn't help but start laughing all over again, I am sure his thought was "A couple hippies strung out on drugs" be continued

From there to Here

Posted on July 9, 2013 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

How To Get Here From There (part 1)

Long story so I decided to break it up, its starts off on a rainy foggy day back in Cleveland Ohio, My girl friend and I decided we wanted to get married,got the parents blessings but they wanted us to have a big wedding, we didn't want that soooo we decided to take off on my motorcycle ....a 305 Honda Dream, with everything we could pack on that bike off we went..destination ? Sturgis S.Dakota.........Did I mention it was Jan 11 1970, I think we had about $100 dollars on us, Temperature was freezing, and I don't know what the wind chill was, both of us were bundled up with most the clothes that we were able to take along with us, we headed out on I-90 westbound........needless to say every time we stopped for gas we would hang around inside the building till we could get some kind of feeling back into our bodies then hop on the bike and off we wold go again,till the next stop.
Now being that we didn't have much money we would look for any place that was off the beaten path so we could throw up our two man tent and bundle together in one sleeping bag.......Did I mention anything about COLD BRrrr,,,, just thinking now I shiver...and I couldn't help but think how can this girl possibly take this and not be continued.