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When all is said and done, isnt going camping one of the most fun things you can do, weather its by car, or motorcycle, there is no denying that the day before you leave you feel the anticipation and excitment ......Just stop and try to recall what your first camping trip was like.

       I think the magic of camping is the unknown, the challenges that you have to meet and adjusting to outdoor living opposed to indoor living, the wonder of a world that is all natural and back to basics, the glow of that campfire and how everyone would gather around it as if drawn like a moth to a flame, it offered peace and contentment, safety and warmth.....and yet it was so basic...Fire.

       And sleeping in a tent was for most of us our first experience but at night when the sun slipped in behind the mountain and out of view, the comfort that we sought from the nights chill was there waiting in that tent, and the ceasless chatter and laughter that would go on till some one would say "OK thats enough for tonight".

       In todays world with its fast pace, some of us  have lost the desire to camp.....things like I am too busy, I cant afford to, or with todays cars being quite small there is no room to take all that one needs to camp and be comfortable, my feelings  are first if your too busy, that means to me that its time you took time out for yourself, and if you think you cant afford too, in most cases its cheaper camping than staying home, and third if the car is too small for all your gear, Look into buying a small pull behind Cargo trailer, or even better a small Camping trailer with bed and chairs, Ice cooler you would be surprised the room they afford you.....and speaking of afford the prices are not what you may imagine them to be, so if you check out what I have to offer and see something that you have  some interest in just give me a call, no high pressure talk from me, my life dont depend on weather I sell a trailer or not....check out my testamonial page from past customers who are now also friends.

       But most importany above all else weather you by from me or someone else.................get out and go camping recapture those feelings you had from a time that holds those memories.

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time to think summer

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Spring is here and Summer is on its way, now is the time to think about that vacation your planing,weather by car or motorcycle,the extra room that a cargo or camping triler gives you is well worth looking into, and nobody knows camping  and cargo trailers better than barebones mc enterprises. we represent one of the most respected companies in the business.


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Life is defined by the choices we make, good choices bring confidence, bad choices bring wisdom.

And speaking of choices,when thinking about buying your next camper or cargo trailer, there is a lot of choices, you can pay more than you want to, or take advantage of my low prices, and check out all that we have to offer, then give me a call for pricing. 928-632-2206

Lay a Way Plan

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So you would love to have a camper or cargo trailer for this coming riding season...Problem is you don't have all the money now...Well that is why we are one of the very few places that offer a lay a way that you can have that camper or cargo Trailer, and buy it over time, Why do we do this? Easy we don't just talk about how good our service is we go the extra step to help those who don't have all the money at once, more book keeping yes ? But we don't mind working for your business, we just think its all about serving you. 928-632-2206


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Some people wish they could get some..........Some people think they can expect it...........bikers know you have to earn it, and it don't come easy.

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the Delima

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This is the delima, you bought a small economy car and would like to be able to go camping but you find that there is no way you can hook up a camper to your vehicle because of weight restrictions...Ahhhh...But you Can,check out the Timeout Campers at there light weight and wont take away your gas Mileage, we have been selling These campers to many folks who have Small cars. or maybe you just need a cargo trailer,we have light weight ones for your car also.


Why we do what we do

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Why we do what we do

         Things have a habit of changing ever so fast in this world we live in but one thing that most bikers will agree on is there is no greater joy than to be packing for a motorcycle trip.  It's what makes us feel so free!  I think you'll agree, it's  that all of our senses are alive and experiencing the surroundings we are in and driving through, The sense of smell as you pass that field of newly cut hay, and the bite in the air on a crisp Autumn day. It's the mental picture you have as the world unfolds around every bend in the road and every crest of the hill.
            You will not experience this kind of enjoyment  from a hotel or motel room. The fact is, it's the  adventure, experiencing the unexpected the little things that were not planned. The sense of satisfaction you've overcome all that mother nature and life on the road sends your way and with an all knowing smile you can look back on what you have done... and look forward to your next trip.

      Years ago when one made the pilgrimage to Sturgis, S.Dakota and rode your bike all the way there (and back), there was a real sense of pride and accomplishment when you walked into the Armory and signed in. You bought your official patch and T-shirt. You had overcome all mechanical problems and all of natures fury, and any mental and economical stresses, but when all was said and done you had the respect from those who knew and understood... You were what we call ... Real Bikers . Now in today's world it's motorcycles on trailers and motor homes pulling them across country, their idea of motorcycle touring ....not mine. 

       My idea of traveling the open road is you, your motorcycle, the open road and a Timeout Camping Trailer.       


The question now is, are you ready to see America the way it was meant to be seen?

Are you ready to test yourself on the open road? Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

     Hook yourself up to a Timeout motorcycle camper and go!

How To Get Here From There (part 4)

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How To Get Here From There (part 4)

When we got ready to leave the restaurant and went over to pay our bill, the waitress said "it had already been paid" one of the customers that had been in there had paid our bill, that really was a pleasant surprise.
There is many things to see along I-90 while going through S.Dakota a few to mention is the Mitchell, "Corn Palace", where each year they decorate the outside of the building  with scenes all made with nothing but colored corn, there are many museums, and places of interest to check out if you find yourself in this area, next place of interest that we stopped at was the world famous Wall Drug store, there is quite a story connected with this place but I will just tell you that it was offering free ice water to weary travelers that brought them in off from the dusty highway to stop and get a drink that built what is now anything but just a drugstore its a small city inside a city, and well worth seeing, My first Buffalo Burger was ordered and ate there, UMmmm good...from Wall it was on through to Rapid city and then I-90 takes a swing up North and on to Sturgis and our final destination.........There are many things that this story can mean to different people, but what I hope you take from it is that You Can do anything if you have desire, a strong yearning to go somewhere or do something, yes it may be hard and there can be privation, and discomfort, but the satisfaction in doing what you set out to do is more than enough compensation.

I hope that you enjoyed this story

How to get here from There

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How To Get Here From There (part 3)

Well, we decided standing there in the cold was not helping matters much and there was that big ole truck rolling in the direction we wanted to go, soo we hopped on the bike and caught up to him...drafted him into a little town where he was going to fill up, but we seen a restaurant and headed right for it, now mind you this was about 2:00A.M. and the only thing open around there so we ordered Hot chocolate and drank and talked with the waitress, who couldn't believe we were out traveling so far in that kind of weather, she just kept filling our cups with Chocolate and we just kept talking, after a couple of hours or so we decided we were warm enough and off back down the interstate we went.......we made a couple more stops along the way to warm up a bit, and then around about 6:00 A.M. we see an exit sign and it said "Puckwanna" both of us were beat tired and very hungry so we pull off at that exit and drive off the interstate a few miles and come upon this little town, and first thing off we spot the local cafe, and there is several pick up trucks parked around it, we stop and go in much to the surprise of everyone in there, we got some very peculiar looks, and it wasn't long before one fellow in bib overhauls ask us, "Do guys know its winter ? not very good Motorcycle weather is it? we kind of laughed and told him we had eloped and were on our way to Sturgis to start our life together, Well when the others in there heard our story and that we had eloped, they just got real friendly and thought that if this gal who was with me would go through all we had and still wanted to marry me, she was definitely a keeper and I had better treat her good because there just isn't many around like that anymore, and of course I agreed lol (I may do stupid things, but I'm not stupid).
Oh by the way Puckwanna is in S.Dakota right off of I-90 and its claim to fame was That back in the 40s Johnny Carson and fellow enlisted men were traveling along the highway when a winter storm hit the area and they all had to stay there in the local Hotel till the next morning, that Hotel was still there the last time I was in Puckwanna and that was about 1972.......To be Continued

Frome there to Here

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How To Get Here From There (part 2)

But she not only didn't complain, she had such a positive attitude that kept my spirits up when I started to think that this was too much to ask of anyone, let alone a 19 year old girl.
We made about 400 miles a day, now any of you who know what a 305 Honda Dream is you know they are not very powerful,and then add another person and two hard bags packed full, a windshield, and you have a bike just a bit we would draft The big trucks on the Interstate so we could cut wind resistance and keep up a better speed, saved on gas also.....Problem was we had to stop at every rest area to go inside to warm up, we would use the electric hand warmers to thaw out our hands and we would run back and forth inside to get circulation going again, once we were reasonably warm we would hop on the bike and off we would go praying the next rest area was not too far away....we did that most of the way to Sturgis. S.Dakota. I need to mention in one instance where we had pulled off up a side ramp just so we could try to get some heat from the mufflers, we rode right up to the stop sign at the end of the ramp, I stopped the bike and we fell over, my legs were so numb I could not even hold the bike up, we laughed till we had tears in our eyes, it was actually that funny to see two people out on a bike all bundled up like a couple of refugees, well we managed to get up and we proceeded to start running back and forth across the exit, when all of a sudden here comes a big truck, well he slows down real slow and he is looking out the window of his nice warm truck and he is scratching his head with a look of amazement on his face, again we couldn't help but start laughing all over again, I am sure his thought was "A couple hippies strung out on drugs" be continued

From there to Here

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How To Get Here From There (part 1)

Long story so I decided to break it up, its starts off on a rainy foggy day back in Cleveland Ohio, My girl friend and I decided we wanted to get married,got the parents blessings but they wanted us to have a big wedding, we didn't want that soooo we decided to take off on my motorcycle ....a 305 Honda Dream, with everything we could pack on that bike off we went..destination ? Sturgis S.Dakota.........Did I mention it was Jan 11 1970, I think we had about $100 dollars on us, Temperature was freezing, and I don't know what the wind chill was, both of us were bundled up with most the clothes that we were able to take along with us, we headed out on I-90 westbound........needless to say every time we stopped for gas we would hang around inside the building till we could get some kind of feeling back into our bodies then hop on the bike and off we wold go again,till the next stop.
Now being that we didn't have much money we would look for any place that was off the beaten path so we could throw up our two man tent and bundle together in one sleeping bag.......Did I mention anything about COLD BRrrr,,,, just thinking now I shiver...and I couldn't help but think how can this girl possibly take this and not be continued.